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Non-Interest Revenue

USD 22380.00

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USD 4494800.00

Month over Month
Onboarded Products - Monthly NIR Breakdown
Onboarded Products as Percentage of NIR Growth
Product Recommendation Summary
Product Status Action Client Value NIR Growth Other Growth Changes
Cash Management and Treasury - Currency Deposit Enabled, deposits under limit for deposit financing Offer minimum banked CMT of 12% of anticipated cash position for short-term deposit financing Enables advance payments and onboarding of suppliers onto the Supplier Finance platform to access best-known suppliers for similar goods, reducing supply chain costs and aligning with peers +0.2% YoY N/A Short-term deposit financing will reduce the cost of high-risk, high-cost unlisted suppliers such as "Wuxi Just" in the Client's supply chain by enabling advance payments required to negotiate with known suppliers at the Client's payment volume.
Cash Management and Treasury - FX Desk Enabled, FX volume to expense ratios 8.9% higher than peers Enable Corp FX trading platform for Tier II at a minimum banked CMT of 9% of anticipated cash position Reduce FX costs proportional to banked assets in alignment with primary banked peers +4.2 % YoY N/A Reduces unit costs while increasing NIR in the form of FX fees
Asset-Based Financing - Short-Term Deposit Financing Not enabled Increase cash management to offer short-term deposit financing on advance payments for specified goods Enables replacement of high-risk, high-cost suppliers with suppliers that require advance payment on open accounts +0.2% YoY +7.8 % YoY Access to more competitive supplier offers based on current PGR with advance on deposits.
Supplier Finance Management Solutions - Tier II, #3303 Not enabled for goods matching profile for primary-banked peersOffer solution to optimize supply chain Advisory services and Supplier Finance platform onboarding to automate invoice processing and supplier management with a more competitive cost structure +6.7% YoY N/A Increase in banked assets and purchase of new supplier finance management solution
Working Capital Solution - Receivables Not enabled Alternate option to support advance payments to key suppliers Reduce unusually high payment volume to high-risk, high-cost supplier type General terms only General terms only Working capital solutions can be generated based upon engagement, with a preference to short-term deposit or receivables financing
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Derived Client Value - Banked Liquidity

As the percentage of excess liquidity banked with the Bank increases, the Bank can offer better service tiers, make available new financing options for working capital and supplier finance, and reduce the client's costs.

The model projects current utilization of Liquidity Management at 8%, with 92% banked at competitors, based upon the typical position within the client's peer group.

Run the analysis below to assess the impact of strengthening the banking relationship on the return realized from our product recommendations for the client.